Connected Car Technology Of Tomorrow

The world of car technology will change a great deal over the next few years. From autonomous driving to connected car features, the cars of tomorrow will look and feel completely different from what you can buy today. Here are 5 of the most compelling car technology features you can expect in the coming years.

1 – Vehicle Infrastructure Integration

Vehicle infrastructure integration will open up the line of communication between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure. Once implemented, vehicles will be able to share data on speed and position. They will also be able to share information on the awareness levels of drivers. This will improve safety and efficiency and will likely be seen in lots of cars in the near future.

2 – Driverless Cars

Future car technology will take drivers out of the equation by providing driverless cars. Virginia just opened up 70 miles of highway to test these cars, and Google claims to have logged over 300,000 miles developing and testing these cars. Other established players like Delphi are also making great strides in driverless cars. In 2016, many German car manufacturers, including Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW will have cars that almost drive themselves, with minimum human intervention.

3 – App Stores

Automakers are also looking into creating in-car app stores. These app stores will deliver applications related directly to the vehicle and driving. Drivers will be able to order the apps from the vehicle’s in-dash monitor. This will essentially turn the vehicle into an electronic device on wheels and will change the face of car technology.

4 – Mobile Updates

Using discs or heading to the dealer to update a vehicle’s features is about to become a thing of the past. Manufacturers will soon use mobile devices to push updates to vehicles. They can use the updates to update navigation systems and other technology. This will become increasingly important as vehicles become more and more connected, which will make them more reliant on regular updates.

5 – Network Integration

Searching for a mobile hotspot on the go can be frustrating. Soon, that frustration will pass, thanks to network integration. Manufacturers are looking for ways to turn vehicles into Wi-Fi and 4G hotspots. That will allow people to get online with the help of their vehicles, and once again change how people use the Internet.

Car technology has changed a great deal over the years, and the changes continue to get more and more exciting. If you like the idea of having a truly connected car, you won’t have long to wait.

Last Updated: August 11, 2015

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