8 Ways To Increase Horsepower Now

If your vehicle is lacking in horsepower, you don’t have to swap it out for a new one. Instead of going to the dealership, you just need to follow a few customization tips. Once you follow these tips, you will see how much power custom cars and trucks have.

1. Get a new exhaust system.

The better your engine can breathe, the higher the horsepower will be. Choose an exhaust pipe that is larger in diameter than your current one and your vehicle will achieve a higher horsepower immediately.

2. Get new headers.

If you want a quick and cheap way to increase your horsepower, install new headers. Headers help the engine push exhaust gasses out of the vehicle’s cylinders.

3. Add a turbocharger to the vehicle.

If you want to boost your horsepower by a great deal, consider adding a turbocharger to it. Turbochargers push more air into the cylinder, which creates more power. You can increase your horsepower by as much as 50 when you add a turbocharger to your vehicle. You will notice that turbochargers are really popular with people who have custom cars and customized trucks.

4. Eliminate back pressure.

Switch to a free flowing muffler and a large tailpipe to get rid of back pressure. Once you eliminate excess back pressure, the exhaust will be able to leave the cylinder easier, which means the vehicle will generate more horsepower.

5. Switch out the standard vehicle intake.

If your car or truck has a standard vehicle intake, switch it out for a cold air intake. Cold air moves into the combustion chamber more quickly and efficiently than warm air does, increasing the combustion.

6. Add shorter tires to your car.

Switch out your regular tires for shorter tires so your vehicle can take off faster. You will feel the horsepower roar when you leave a stoplight with your new, shorter tires.

7. Use high performance oil.

Using high performance oil is a quick and easy way to increase your horsepower. High performance oil makes the engine more powerful by reducing heat and friction. This is very popular with people who have customized trucks and cars.

8. Use lightweight pistons.

Swap out your pistons for lightweight pistons. Lightweight pistons don’t require much energy to move so the engine can rev up and take off without any problems.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to create custom cars and trucks. Instead of dropping tons of cash, you can just do a few affordable tweaks. Then, you will see why so many people prefer customized trucks and cars.


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Last Updated: March 31, 2015

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