Where Will Electric Vehicle Battery Range Be In 2 Years?

Electric and hybrid vehicle batteries are improving all the time — if you compare the earliest electric vehicles to today’s models, you can see how far the technology has come already! Now that consumers are firmly supporting electric vehicles, manufacturers have the ability to work on developing even better batteries.

Manufacturers and researchers are moving away from lithium ion batteries, as this type of technology seems to have hit the end of its ability to improve. As engineering teams and battery manufacturers work toward finding new types of power to explore, consumers are sure to reap the benefits.

Some electric vehicle manufacturers have managed to make their batteries cost efficient enough that their electric cars are comparable in price to conventional cars. If more manufacturers continue down this path, the demand for electric vehicles will increase even further, which will give scientists and manufacturers more incentive to keep up with battery research.

Over the next two years, these improvements in battery technology are sure to increase the range of electric and hybrid vehicles. An electric vehicle is only as capable as its power source, and the cost and limited function of current batteries is what is holding many plug-in cars back from their fullest potential. But breakthroughs in battery technology are making cars lighter, easier to charge, and more powerful, which will translate to an extended range overall.

Electric car owners of the future will likely be able to travel further distances without having to stop and charge as frequently, or use the electric components of their hybrid cars for a longer duration before switching over to gasoline. From commutes to highway driving to long road trips, every electric car driver in every driving situation will benefit from this extended range.

The extended battery range scientists and manufacturers are working on will likely also encourage more people to become electric and hybrid vehicle owners, as there will be less worry about how these cars compare with conventional gasoline powered vehicles. When you can go just as far, but pay much less, and help out the environment while you are at it, why not choose electric?

Anyone interested in the world of electric vehicles should watch technology improvements carefully over the next several years, as many manufacturers are sure to announce big news and important developments in their vehicles’ capabilities and battery specs.


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Last Updated: May 30, 2015

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