Will Apple Buy Tesla?

Apple and Tesla are two mega-companies that are popular with consumers — many people think the two should combine, with Apple buying Tesla. Is this a realistic prediction for the future?

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Some people believe Apple will buy Tesla, for various reasons. One of the biggest indicators is the success of Google in the vehicle industry, with its self-driving car. Apple and Google are notorious for being in competition, so it only makes sense that Apple would align itself with one of the most innovative, successful, and well-known companies in the electric car industry.

The two companies seem like a logical partnership to many. Both Apple and Tesla are focused on making high quality, beautiful products with impeccable performance. They both thrive on creating and expanding technology, so in many ways it makes sense that the two would serve to better each other.

However, on the other hand, others believe that Apple will make its own car to enter into the market rather than purchasing someone else’s technology. Rather than improving on something that already exists, the company would rather start from scratch to develop something that is truly an Apple exclusive.

Many believe Tesla CEO Elon Musk will hold onto his company tightly, not wanting to give up control of such a lucrative, popular, and personal endeavor. Representatives from both companies have refused to comment on the possibility of a merger or acquisition.

Without confirmation or denial of the possibility of Apple buying Tesla, or any other sort of partnership between the two companies, all consumers and technology-watchers can do is speculate. At this point it seems unclear if anything well develop, but there is one thing that is likely a guarantee — both Tesla and Apple will continue to develop and release interesting and innovative products that will have a role in the furthering of electric vehicles into the future. Whether or not there is ever an Apple car, nearly all electric vehicles are designed to work in tandem with smartphones and other mobile devices, meaning your Tesla car should have some capabilities that go hand in hand with your Apple tablet.

It is hard to guess what the next several years hold for either company, but be sure to watch the market and keep your ear to the ground for announcements from both companies, Apple and Tesla, in the future!

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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