Get Our Patent-Pending QR Codes For Your SEMA Show 2015 Vehicles

We are in high gear preparing for SEMA Show 2015. Come see us at Booth #48193 in the Wheels & Accessories section on the first floor in the South Hall to see our awesome display vehicles, and learn about our unique technology and marketing platform for the automotive customization and restoration industry.

If you are going to have display vehicles at your booth, contact us at to get your vehicles added to our SEMA Show 2015 section, and get our patent-pending QR codes for those vehicles. When a booth visitor scans a vehicle’s QR code using the CHARIOTZ app, he or she instantly sees all products used and work done on that vehicle. You can pinpoint and describe all the visible AND invisible modifications done to the vehicle. If it is a restored vehicle, you can share the painstaking work that went into bringing it back to car show condition. You enter the information that the visitor sees, so you can be as detailed as you want to be, including adding any stories behind each vehicle – most vehicles do have interesting stories behind them!

The CHARIOTZ app also stores all scanned vehicles on the visitor’s phone for later viewing and sharing, so you continue to get exposure even after the visitor has left your booth.

CHARIOTZ is the leading storytelling platform for the automotive industry. Our patent-pending QR Code Technology makes it possible for vehicles to tell their stories to the world!

Here is a short video on how our QR Code technology works.

Scan the code below using the CHARIOTZ iOS or Android App to see the 2015 SEMA Show Album.

QR Code for 2015 SEMA Show

Last Updated: August 23, 2015

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