A Personal Cloud Storage Device For Your Car Media Players

Anyone who’s ever taken a family road trip or driven for an extended period with kids in tow knows that in-car entertainment is a must. Fortunately, you can now take care of everyone’s entertainment needs for hours on end with a cool new product, the Egg, from a company called Eggcyte.

The Egg is a personal cloud storage device that you can take with you on the road. And it is the perfect companion to your car media players – smartphones, tablets and car video screens. With up to 256GB of instantly-accessible storage, you can store hours of movies, TV shows, cartoons, music and podcasts to keep the whole family entertained. The Egg, which comes with its own Wi-Fi hotspot, lets you play media on multiple car media player screens even if there is NO Internet connection available! Perfect for a long car trip.

If you don’t happen to drive a family-friendly minivan with overhead DVD players, your in-car entertainment options are essentially restricted to downloading movies and TV shows to individual smartphones, tablets, or worst case, bulky laptops. And even if you drive a minivan with overhead DVD players, getting everyone to agree on what to watch is like negotiating a peace treaty. So, you’re left with the pain of downloading movies onto each person’s device which can be tedious even on the fastest of Wi-Fi networks. Finally, you have to deal with the fact that these devices have extremely limited storage space and if you choose the streaming option, using your wireless provider’s data connection to download and stream media (up to 350 MB/hour) can get very expensive.

With the 256GB version of the Egg, you can store up to 45 hours of HD video. It’s a snap to import large videos directly from any of your devices to the Egg using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Later, when you want to access any of the videos stored on it, you can simply use its Wi-Fi hotspot to stream them to any car media player screen you choose. How many personal cloud storage devices out there can do that? The Egg has a battery that lasts 12-14 hours – more than enough time to get you through a long drive. The Egg is also easy-to-use with its own color touch screen, and the available iPhone and Android apps can be used for adding and playing back its stored media.

Bringing the Egg along as a personal cloud storage device for your car media players definitely has its advantages, but that’s not all the Egg can do. Given its size, storage, and web capabilities, there are countless ways you can use the Egg. Learn more about the Egg at www.eggcyte.com.


Last Updated: May 6, 2016

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