Getting Connected with your Electric Vehicle

Electric and hybrid vehicles are on the cutting edge of technology so it only makes sense that manufacturers are working to include connectivity with other devices and tech to maximize the experience for drivers. These cars are truly ‘smart’ and make your electric car as intuitive and connected as possible. Here are some features that show an impressive level of connectivity!

Tesla’s Model S electric car offers autopilot functionality, which uses sensors and real-time traffic information to make driving easier. With autopilot your Model S will follow the road on its own, change lanes with a tap of a button, and park itself, all in a safe fashion. It can even stop itself in emergency conditions!

The Nissan Leaf, another popular model of electric car, uses an in-car information system to tell you where to find charging stations, active climate settings so your car is ready for you, and remotely control things like heat, air conditioning, or charging.

Both Google and Apple have introduced platforms for vehicle information and entertainment, sure to be picked up by various car manufacturers. These days, it is rare to drive any type of vehicle that does not allow you to sync your smartphone so you can make calls, access apps, safely send text messages, and listen to your stored music.

These connected cars can do anything from tell you more about the weather where you are headed to diagnosing vehicle problems before you ever set foot in a mechanic’s shop. There are countless ways connective technology can make your driving experience better, and electric car manufacturers have recognized that in a big way.

Look for even more strides toward a fully connected car in the future, led by major electric and hybrid car manufacturers who truly understand that many of their customers desire a technologically-capable vehicle that fits into their connected lives.

When you are deciding what electric or hybrid vehicle you would like to purchase, think about how connected you want to be and what type of features you are looking for to achieve those purposes. Make sure the model you decide on is able to meet all of your needs, so you never have to feel like you are disconnected from the world around you. With so many technological advancements at your fingertips, you can be as connected as you want to be!


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Last Updated: May 17, 2015

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