How to Get a Discount on Your Electric Vehicle

You may be used to looking at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price as a baseline for how much your car could cost, but if you are thinking about purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle it is often easy to knock some of the cost off by accessing discounts. Unlike purchasing a conventional gas-powered vehicle, you are likely eligible for credits, rebates, and other incentives for buying an environmentally friendly car that reduces the demand for fossil fuels. Here’s how to find out what discounts you may be eligible to receive.

The majority of electric vehicle rebates, credits, and other incentives come from the government. Whether it is the federal government or a state-specific branch offering you a discount, you are sure to find some agency that wants to reward you for your choice in vehicles.

Simply conducting an internet search for your state, county, or region with the keywords ‘electric car rebate’ can be enough to discover the information you need to save some money.

These credits are typically calculated based on when you purchased your vehicle, and what make and model it is. They usually do not apply to converted vehicles, so if you have changed your conventional car over to electric you may not be eligible — but it is still worth looking into! These rebates also usually apply to the original purchaser of the vehicle, so if you have bought a used electric car you may be out of luck for some incentives.

If you cannot find any rebates specific to your vehicle you may want to get in touch with political representatives in your area. These politicians usually have an idea of what is available for drivers, and want to keep their constituents happy by saving them money. Your car manufacturer will also likely have a good idea of what rebates are available to you, so when you are working out the terms and conditions of your vehicle purchase, be sure to ask.

Accessing these discounts on electric and hybrid cars can make an expensive purchase more budget-friendly, and can even make electric cars an option for people who would otherwise be stuck buying a conventional car. When you see the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for an electric car, if it is too much, think about the discounts and rebates you could access, and try again!

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Last Updated: May 15, 2015

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