What is Coming Next For Tesla?

Tesla Motors is one of the biggest names in electric car manufacturing right now, and it is for a good reason! This manufacturer is deeply involved in some of the most innovative ideas for electric vehicles, and Tesla has carved out an identity as the electric car almost everyone wants. They have had substantial success with their existing products but are working on more releases and have a long-range plan to make electric cars more available and affordable for those who wish to move away from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.

The Tesla Model S and Roadster electric vehicles has been on the market for some time, with continual improvements, but everyone is talking about Tesla newest inventions including the Model X.

This vehicle is expected to arrive some time around mid-2015 with a very long waiting list already in place. This full-sized electric car offers lots of space for seven adults plus plenty of room for cargo, making it a great vehicle for large families or people who want to take their electric vehicle on an adventure — the Model X will be able to tow trailers, making it a very versatile addition to the electric car market.

Tesla’s Model 3 is another model in development with a projected range of 200 miles. It is expected to launch sometime in 2017, and according to Tesla should offer range, affordability and performance all combined into one vehicle.

The Supercharger network, a series of fast-charging electric car stations, is in the works, with stations already constructed in many places in the United States.

The Tesla gigafactory, a large battery plant, is under construction, designed to create the batteries needed to power the Model S. Once it is complete Tesla will be working with Panasonic to test and build the required technology so the company can move forward with production of the vehicle.

These are the official developments for Tesla, but like any other popular company, the manufacturer has had many speculations and rumors swirling around it. Car industry professionals have suggested Tesla will be involved in making electric vehicles of all types, from vast o commercial vehicles and trucks. They are continually working on battery technology to improve range and affordability, making Tesla a leading company in the industry and the organization to which many look for a glimpse of what the future holds.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2015

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