The Importance Of Car Detailing To Maintain Your Car’s Value

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Many car owners do not understand exterior car care and its importance in maintaining the overall health and value of the car. Even though cars manufactured today have paint finishes that are far superior to those from even a decade ago, without proper exterior care, a car can appear older than it is, and lose significant resale value.

Over time a clear coat starts to fade, scratch marks or swirls start to appear, and in some cases the clear coat will even start peeling off. These things canbe caused by a number of elements. The number one clear coat killer is excessive sunlight – UV rays are very damaging to paint and the clear coat, and also to headlights and exterior trim. Other causes are the from lack of washing and waxing, improper wash technique, improper polishing, and water spotting from rain or sprinklers.

There are many protective products available to help protect your clear coat, ranging from wax, paint sealant, glaze, hydrophobic sprays and a variety of all-in-one products. Clay bar, compounds and polishes can also help in restoring your clear coat and ridding it of scratches, swirls, spot marks and oxidation. Occasionally, paint will need wet sanding before polishing by machine.

Proper car detailing is something that needs to be done regularly, especially if the car is your daily driver. Garage-kept cars last a bit longer but still need care often. A small detailing service should be performed monthly, and a larger service bi-annually or annually, depending on how often you use the car. But you must perform the smaller service in between!

It is very easy to forget about detailing your car. It can be hard to find the right service to match your requirements and schedule, or to find the time and proper product to do it yourself. You must also be careful when selecting where you get your car detailing done. Car washes, cheap detailing shops, and the $20 car wash guy who comes to your work place are not the way to go! These services will often leave you with more swirls, smudge marks, wax residue and other problems that you will need to then deal with afterwards. Remember, you get what you pay for, and the devil is in the detail….pun intended!

Finding a knowledgeable car detailing company that has the expertise and experience to identify what needs to be done, and then doing it right, is critical to the longevity of your car’s exterior, and its value. At Wicked Auto Detailing, we have the expertise and experience to detail any car, foreign or domestic, and make your life easy by servicing your car just about anywhere in Southern California. Our goal is to ensure the best car care service at a reasonable price, with the luxury of not having to leave your home or office. We offer many car detailing services ranging from basic detailing, to enhanced clear coat shine, to full paint correction, to putting a better-than-factory shine on your car. Our most popular service is our one-step correction, which can help to remove many imperfections and bring back a great shine to your paint.

You can view some of our work HERE.

For car detailing services in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or surrounding areas, contact us at (617) 901-1417, and mention “CHARIOTZ” for a special deal.

Last Updated: August 4, 2015

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