Should You Buy an Electric Car or Hybrid Vehicle?

An increasing number of consumers are switching away from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, whether they are choosing fully electric cars or hybrid vehicles. The car you choose depends on a variety of factors, from the distances you intend to travel to your budget. Here are a few things to consider when you are deciding between purchasing an electric car or hybrid vehicle.

How far will you be driving? If you plan to only use your vehicle for in-town driving or your regular, short commute, an electric car can likely handle the entirety of your driving time so long as you are sure to charge your vehicle between trips. If you want to use your car for longer trips, however, it may be easier to use a hybrid vehicle that allows you to change over to fuel power when your battery runs out. In many locations there are plenty of electric car charging stations available to the public along popular routes, so you can still take road trips with a fully electric car, but if you do not want to always have to plan ahead a hybrid may be the better choice.

There are electric and hybrid car options for nearly every budget but often, hybrid vehicles are a bit cheaper than their electric counterparts. The two types of vehicles are nearing in price point these days — and some are comparable to conventional gasoline-powered cars! You also have to consider the price of gas when you are buying a hybrid vehicle. While many hybrid drivers can go for long periods without having to refuel, you will eventually need to gas up your hybrid car, and over time that cost can add up significantly.

Can you get a government subsidy or other discount if you buy an electric vehicle instead of a conventional car or a hybrid? If so, this may sway you toward choosing an electric car. There are lots of programs set up to offset the cost of purchasing an electric car thanks to their environmentally friendly status, so do not be dissuaded by the cost of electric if that is what you want.

Finally, you should test some electric and hybrid vehicles in person, if possible. Actually being behind the wheel can help you make your final decision and ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your choice.

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Last Updated: May 2, 2015

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