A Brief History of the Electric Car

Electric cars are hot on the market but they have not always been that way! Most people have some understanding of the history and development of electric cars, but there are a lot of interesting details in the progression from conventional gas-powered vehicles to their electric counterparts that you may not know about.

Electric cars are actually a historic invention rather than a modern innovation. Early electric cars surfaced in the 1800s with primitive battery-powered carriages and wagons. these vehicles were not roadworthy as compared to the electric cars of today, but in those days, they were quite a marvel!

In the 1900s, electric cars were actually very popular, and often considered a better choice than steam or gas-powered vehicles available at the time. The famous Ford Model T was the car that changed things, as it became the best gas-powered car around, far more affordable and averrable than electric vehicles. Gas itself became less expensive and the rest is history!

Over the years since, gas and oil prices have climbed, as all consumers know. as a result, electric and hybrid vehicles have never fully disappeared, with automakers, government agencies, and other interested parties continuing to research options for moving away from a reliance on gas. Experimental electric vehicles were typically slow and cumbersome when compared to gas, however, so they did not make it onto the general market.

In the 1990s electric vehicles had another resurgence owing to better technology. These improved electric vehicles had a further range and acted more like conventional gasoline-powered cars.

Many consumers remember when Toyota’s Prius came out, which was a big boost for the electric car market. Suddenly, people from all walks of life were interested in electric vehicles again, and other manufacturers like Tesla, BMW, Chevy, Nissan, and Ford jumped into the growing market.

Gas prices are still high and more people are concerned about the environmental impacts of fuel as well as fretting about the future when it comes to relying on a finite resource. Because of this, and with expanded research into electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as increased government and consumer support, interest in electric cars is at an all-time high.

Nobody knows exactly what the future holds for electric cars, but there are sure to be even more changes over the next several years!

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Last Updated: April 29, 2015

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