The Best Home Electric Car L2 Charging Stations

If you have an electric car you will surely want to purchase a home electric car L2 charging station so you never have to worry about when and where you will be able to charge your car.

Level 2, or L2 charging allows you to access 240 volts, which should give you faster charge time than a charger with a lower voltage.

To find the best choices for home electric car L2 charging stations, you need to know a bit about your car. The age, make, and model of your electric vehicle should inform your charger choice. For instance, if you have one of the first models of electric cars that were put out on the market, more modern chargers will likely not work for you.

You may wish to choose a home electric car L2 charging station that can plug into an outlet in your home rather than selecting one that must be hardwired. As electric cars change and technologies improve, you may want to get a different car, or a different charger, and it is far easier to simply unplug and replace a charger than it is to pull out hardwired technology.

When buying a home electric car L2 charging station, check out the cable lengths. You might think you are saving money with a shorter length but that could come back to haunt you when you get home and realize you cannot plug your car in because the cord is too short! ClipperCreek is one manufacturer that focuses on longer cords, so if you have a large distance to traverse, check out their chargers.

For convenience and flexibility, you may want to try a charger like the AV Turbocord, which can be packed up for travel.  There is also a dual option for this charger, which means you can access both 120 and 240 volt charge depending on the capabilities you need or have available.

Spend some time looking up home electric car L2 charging stations, and considering how much you have to spend and the features you most desire. By prioritizing things like cable length, price, or dual voltage, it will be easier to narrow down your choices. This means you are less likely to have to keep shopping, because you will get it right the first time and be able to charge your car with no worries.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2015

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