8 Inexpensive Custom Truck Accessories

If you love customized trucks but think you don’t have the money to have one of your own, you are wrong. Some people do spend thousands of dollars on their trucks but it is not necessary. You can start the customization process without spending much money at all.

Here are eight inexpensive truck accessories that will make your truck stand out from the crowd:

1. Pin Stripes

You don’t have to go for a full paint job to customize your truck. If you have around $50, you can get pin stripes painted on it. This will drastically change the way your truck looks. Best of all, you can get your truck back in about an hour, which is much faster than a full paint job.

2. Horseshoe Steps

You can add some horseshoe steps to the outside of your truck for around $100. These will definitely stand out since most customized trucks have running boards instead of horseshoe steps.

3. Door Handles

Get rid of those factory installed door handles and replace them with some aftermarket handles. You can find door handles in various designs and you won’t have to spend much money at all.

4.  Grill

While you can drop a lot of money on a grill, you can also find some for less than $100. A new grill will give your truck a little bit of attitude, ensuring that people will take notice.

5. Gauges

Factory installed gauges are boring. You can upgrade your gauges for as little as $20. You can go with a colorful gauge, or even get one with flames.

6. Shifter Handle

You can change your truck’s style by changing out the shifter handle. When you change out the handle, consider getting a new knob for it too so you can really show off your personality.

7. Rear View Mirror

Replace your boring mirror with one that has a design. For instance, you can get a rear view mirror with flames, or you can get one shaped like a surf board. You can even get one with a backup camera.

8. Hood Scoops

Hood scoops are a simple way to customize your truck. They come in various styles, including cowl induction and dual inlet. They also come in various materials, such as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Truck customization is a lot of fun, and it doesn’t have to cost much money. If you spend a little bit of money here and there on a few unique truck accessories, you can end up with an entirely new truck in a matter of months. Then, you will find out why so many people love their customized trucks.

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Last Updated: August 6, 2015

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