5 Classic Car Restoration Trends

Now that the recession is over, classic car restoration is booming once again and certain trends are emerging. While some people like to go their own way with classic car restorations, others like to follow trends. If you like to be a part of the trends for customized cars, check out what is going on right now in classic car restoration.

1. Out with the Really Old

Not that long ago, car modification experts saw lots of Depression era vehicles. It wasn’t shocking to see someone roll up with a car from the ’30s. Now, though, people are moving away from those vehicles, likely because the majority of them have been restored.

2. More Restomods

More and more people are moving away from pure restorations and on to restomods. That way, they can get the look of an old car and the performance of a new car. They drive the cars around instead of just storing them in the garage, only to take them out for car shows. This gives people more bang for their buck and more daily enjoyment.

3. More Choices

In the past, car modification and restoration enthusiasts and experts only had a handful of parts to choose from, making the decision easy. Now, people can choose from parts from countless manufacturers. This has opened the door for subpar parts to hit the market, so customers have to be careful when making their selections. Those who restore cars with subpar parts only end up going back to the shop, so it’s best to stick with quality parts.

4. Later Model Restorations

In the past, car modifications did not occur on cars that were newer than ’72 models, but that is no longer the case. Now, cars from the mid to late ’70s all the way to the ’80s are getting restored. You can even find supercars from the ’90s undergoing restorations.

5. Fewer Backyard Restorations

Back in the old days, people would grab some of their buddies and completely restore their cars in their backyards or their garages. Now, people are doing a lot of the small restorations on their own but taking them into shops for the bigger jobs. That’s why shops are churning out more and more restored cars.

Classic car restoration is big business and that business just continues to get bigger, as the economy continues to recover and grow. Understanding these 5 trends should help you in your quest to find and restore a classic car.

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Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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