10 Custom Paint Jobs You Have To See To Believe

Some customized cars have new engines and lots of cool accessories. Others have unique custom paint jobs. While most people get basic paint jobs for their cars, some owners go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd.

1. Gold Flake Paint

The owner of an Aston Martin DB7 decided to paint it with 24-carat golf flake paint. Unfortunately, he ran out before he could finish, leaving the car part gold, part silver. This is one of the biggest failures in regards to paint jobs on customized cars.


2. The Yoo-hoo Paint Job

Some people really love Yoo-hoo. Others love it to the point that they need to put it on their car, which is just what one vehicle owner did.


3. Louis Vuitton

For someone, getting a Louis Vuitton purse and luggage wasn’t enough. This person had to go the extra mile and get the Louis Vuitton paint job.


4. Airbrushed

Airbrushing isn’t just for tee-shirts. You can get it on your car, which is just what one person did. He decided to put an airbrushed plane on the side of his vehicle.


5. Watermelon

A lot of people like watermelon on a warm summer day. One person likes it so much that he had his car painted to look like the tasty fruit.


6. The Hello Kitty Car

Hello Kitty isn’t just a toy. It’s a way of life for some people, such as the person who decided to paint a vehicle pink and place Hello Kitty figures all over it.


7. Chrome Car

The Mercedes McLaren is a gorgeous car. One owner decided to make it look even fancier by painting it entirely in chrome. The look is striking and…shiny.


8. Strips and Gold Colors

There is only two things that can make a Lamborghini TRON look even better. Paint it purple and add in some angle outlining strips.


9. Bengal Tiger

Most people go to the zoo to see tigers. One guy just has to jump in this car to see tigers, though, thanks to his custom Bengal tiger paint job.


10. Cammo Car

Are you ever afraid of someone seeing you when you are out? Mario Balotelli must have been, which is why he put his Bentley in matte-cammo wrap.


Car modification is a great way to show off your personality. This is especially true if you get a unique paint job. Customized cars that have unique custom paint jobs stand out from the pack.


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Last Updated: March 31, 2015

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